Energy Healing


Energy Healing

Please note that at this time I only offer a signature “Divine Energy Healing Session” which is a combination of Crystal Healing, Reiki, Accelerated Light Healing, and Sound Healing modalities all combined into a session that lasts about 75 minutes from start to finish, 15 minutes of which is a brief Intuitive Counseling Session to assess what you will benefit you most for your session. Please see the description below for information and a description of the various healing modalities incorporated in my Divine Energy Healing Sessions!


Divine Energy Healing Session

75 Minutes: $200


Usui Reiki:

Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy healing that restores the optimal flow of energy within our system, dissolving any blockages and providing us with stress reduction, relaxation, well being and happiness.


I, the Reiki practitioner am not directly the healer, but rather a channel for the Reiki healing energy, “Universal Vital Energy” or “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy” which is essentially the Energy of Creation, intelligent and omnipresent, which I apply and direct to you by placing my hands on you acting as a “channel” to facilitate the availability and flow of Reiki energy to your body and spirit. This powerful healing force can help improve your life in a gentle and soothing way through healing and bringing balance and lightness to the mind, emotions, body, and spirit through restoring energetic balance to the body and spirit and raising your vibrational frequency.


Accelerated Light Healing

In an Accelerated Light Healing session I serve as a “channel” for Interdimensional Light Energy, which creates an influx of light you’re your whole being and body to increase and strengthen the pathways of light. These harmonic frequencies accelerate your spiritual growth by accelerating your inner and outer light. This Interdimensional Light has its own intelligence and consciousness and can melt away and dissolve all heaviness, distortions and vibrational density with ease and grace.


This divine light has the ability to heal and transmute all vibrational frequencies that won’t allow you to access your soul light and live your life purpose. The Accelerated Light allows you to return to your natural state of being and your I Am Presence as we all evolve into the higher dimensions by helping to illuminate your consciousness to reveal the truth of who you really are so you can step into the quantum field of absolute clarity in each and every moment.


Sound Healing:

Sound healing is increasingly embraced as the oldest, most gentle and most profound method of healing there is. Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health. Cultures the world over use sound to attune to, invoke, and transform consciousness.  Sound is a powerful tool, because it is vibrational in nature, and we are vibrational beings.


Sound and vibrations have a powerful quality of modifying our brainwaves through resonance. Similar to how waves travel through the ocean, sound waves can travel through you and they have the potential to break down energetic blockages, raise your frequency of vibration, and bring you into greater alignment and harmony with your true self. Sound vibrations can be felt deep in your bones transforming your energetic and even physical makeup as you resonate with new frequencies.


Crystal Healing:

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have utilized the power of crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages, thus facilitating the free flow of throughout the body. On a cellular level, our bodies and quartz crystal are both made up of mineral silicon-dioxide. Because of this, we are naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals as they transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy. When crystals are placed directly on your body, they have a powerful vibratory effect that surges from the crystal to you. According to the law of physics, thoughts direct energy and energy follows thought.


During a Crystal Healing Session, crystal, each with their own healing vibrations that are believed to correspond to various chakras, stimulate spiritual, mental, and emotional healing and balancing energy and used to transmute negative energy are placed on the body with primary focus on various charkas and meridians through which energy channels and flows.


After placement of the crystals and “activation” of the crystal layout with Reiki Energy, a combination of Reiki, Accelerated Light Healing, and Sound Healing is used throughout the session.


Spiritual Guidance & Intuitive Counseling:

Intuitive Counseling:

Intuitive counseling is effective for and recommend for those looking for guidance along their spiritual path, those looking to clear out mental and emotional baggage that is limiting you, and moving past things in life that are holding you back. Intuitive counseling can also be used to work within the body to help unlock stress and trauma from the body that is stored due unresolved emotional blockages.

Intuitive Counseling and Intuitive Coaching benefits anyone who struggles with issues of Relationships, Health, Family, Life Path, Career, Family, Spirituality, or Life Transitions. Intuitive Counseling is a way to connect with your inner knowing and strengthen your core self. It allows one to become more aware of his or her intuition and make empowering choices to achieve one’s goals.


As an Intuitive Empath/Clairvoyant/Channel/Psychic/Medium, Energy Healer and Certified Intuitive Counselor I apply these skills in helping you to identify and clear self-limiting thought patterns, belief systems, and energetic blockages by intuitively assisting you in identifying and resolving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress patterns including: Career decisions, Creative expression, Family, Life Transitions, Parenting, Partnerships, Relationships, Sexuality, Spiritual Direction. At the end of the session clients will also be given “assignments” that will assist in their continued self-development and healing such as meditation recommendations, journaling, and/or tools to help them with their goals.


45 Minutes – $125

60 Minutes – $150

75 Minutes – $175


Clearing Work:

Home Blessing and Clearing:

There are many reasons why a home can be affected by misguided energies and even entities, thereby needing a house blessing and clearing. And there are just as many reasons as to why smudging with white sage is may not be sufficient. Arguments, depression and or low vibrational emotional states of previous tenants, violence, drug use, trauma or death in the home, financial problems and stress, and even teenage angst are just some precursors to a build-up of negative energy within the home by the current occupants aside from influences of entities or waywards and earthbound spirits which may have attached to, or be present in the home. Any of these as well as other energetic scenarios and low vibrational, negative influences can lead to energy imbalances perceptible to the resident and need a house clearing. Sometimes the impact is very significant and far-reaching, affecting family members, and also pets, livestock, the home itself, electrical appliances, and the land itself.

Home blessings and clearings incorporate a combination of Energy Healing and Mediumship to energetically clear and bless a home while also clearing out any entities, spirits, and other low vibrational beings which may be present in the home. In more complex cases, our lives, homes, and property may also be impacted by the effects of energy portals and vortexes, as well as the placement of buildings across Ley Lines, or even homes intentionally or unknowingly built on ancient grave sites.

Home blessings and clearings may be done in person or remotely and the rates will vary based on the size of the home and location if the clearing is to be done in person. At the end of each clearing standing commands will be placed to energetically “protect and seal” the home to help prevent low vibrational energies and entities, waywards, earthbound spirits, and other negative energies that are not for the highest and best from re-entering.

Rates Range from $150-$300 and up depending on the size of location, whether the home blessing and clearing is to be performed in person or remotely. Please contact directly for quote and availability.


Entity Removal:

Beneath the veil of this physical plane exists beings similar to ourselves, but on a different level of consciousness and existence, these beings are often referred to as “entities.” These entities may be either lower level (fear based) entities, and higher level (love based) entities. In the issue of entity attachment we are referring to these lower vibrational, fear-based entities. As humans go through their life on earth, many people will develop weakened energetic fields (auras) and a loss of personal power from life’s traumas (soul loss/soul fragmentation), which causes people to become energetically vulnerable to lower level beings and lower level entities such as earthbound or wayward spirits, demons, and negative, dark energies or vibrations. Once inside of a person’s energy field these lower level entities are able to influence and affect the emotions, thoughts, beliefs, actions, habits, and energy levels of the people they are attached to and make the person more vulnerable to attachment of additional lower level entities.

Entity attachments work and exist by absorbing large amounts of energy (life force) from the people they have attached to, and by intensifying, manipulating, and creating dark, fear based emotions, negative thoughts, and beliefs allowing them to further negatively drain and harmfully impact and influence the person they are attached to. Entity attachments are in essence “low vibrational energy,” and therefore can negatively influence you with their own energy and consciousness and intensify the energy of your pain and negative thoughts and emotions. Entities that suffered from addictions such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or sex will tend to attach to a person who also has such addictions influencing the person to further indulge in the addiction and may influence and intensify a persons addictions, unhealthy choices, habits, lifestyles, mental, emotional, and energetic states.

Examples of Lower Level Entity Attachment Symptoms May Include:

  • Unexpected financial downturn
  • Bad Luck, never catch a break
  • A new and unexplained illness, headaches, or fatigue or loss of energy
  • Sudden unexplained addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, food or sexual obsession, especially after surgery or traumatic event
  • Unexplained sudden onset depression or dark suicidal thoughts that don’t really feel “like you”, constant negative thoughts and images in your mind
  • Sudden onset of uncontrollable erratic, compulsive, or destructive behavior
  • Nightmares, feel like you’re being suffocated in your sleep, being touched, or nightmares of being raped in sleep
  • Sudden recurrent clumsiness: slamming hand or finger in doors, cutting hand or fingers while cooking, falling off a ladder, on a curb or down stairs, stumbling over ‘nothing’
  • Unexplained drastic changes in behavior: anger, violence, irrational fears
  • Hearing voices

Entity attachments, though negatively impactful while attached to you can be removed. While some psychics and healers may remove spiritual attachments and entities yet leave them within an area where there able to reattach later, all entity and attachment removals I perform can be done in person or remotely and are completed with angelic healing techniques to ensure the removed entity is sent to Source Light where they will be unable to return and reattach to another person. Entity and attachment removal also includes a healing cleansing and re-balancing of the chakras, aura (energetic field), removal of any psychic hooks and cords and a protective “sealing” of the aura.

Entity Attachment Removal: $100


Soul Fragment Retrieval and Broken Soul Repair:

Soul fragmentation, or “soul loss” refers to the process of which a portion of our soul fragments or breaks off from our soul. The “fragment” or portion of the soul that fragments from the soul tends to stay trapped in the moment of what caused the fragmentation to occur while the remainder of the soul and physical body move forward in time and continue to grow, evolve, and expand. For example, if the soul fragment broke off during a time of trauma, the soul fragment will remain bound to and stuck in the moment of the trauma and in a sense “left behind” despite the fact we may continue to heal ourselves and do work on our spirit’s ascension, the soul fragment remains in a sense frozen in time and oftentimes unable to receive the healing the soul is doing. Soul fragments often fragment from the soul during times of trauma, during intense negative experiences, and there are times in which we may have chosen to “give” soul fragments of ourselves to a loved one, or also instances in which a trauma was so impactful that we have given a soul fragment of ours to a guardian or a guide to keep for us until the time we are ready and have healed enough to re-integrate the soul fragment. Soul fragments may also occur during past life traumas, past life relationships, and experiences that have been left unresolved.

Having a broken soul also relates directly to soul fragmentation in the sense that as we live our lives with our different experiences that cause pain, sadness, hurt, and other similar types of emotions the soul develops “cracks” which allow for energy to be lost or open to entities or absorbing energies that are not of the highest and best for us.

During a soul fragment retrieval and broken soul repair we use TheathealingÒ to call in any and all of your soul fragments that are ready and able to be released, cleansed, and re-integrated into the soul at this time and finish with having Creator release, cleanse, return any and all soul fragments that can be returned to you at this time and have Creator then repair your broken soul. Though some soul fragments attached to more extreme trauma may require individual specified healing pertaining specifically to the soul fragment itself, soul fragment retrieval allows us to identify where soul fragments were lost as well as ones that may need special healing and what the focus would need to be in order to help them receive the healing needed to re-integrate to the soul again.

Soul Fragment Retrieval: $100


Disclaimer: Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Counseling, Sound Healing and any of the services listed on and offered on this website are paradigms very different from the conventional medical paradigm and are not meant to substitute or alter any current medication or therapy or meant to diagnose, or to treat any medical conditions. This service is not intended to address any medical, emotional, and/or legal issues. You should, therefore, consult a medical care, mental health care or legal professional for any physical, emotional and/or legal issues that need professional attention.