Psychic Readings

Current Life and Future Reading:

By utilizing my gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Intuition, and Claircognizance, as well as by connecting to your guides, guardian angels, the Ascended Masters, Creator of All that Is, and the Angels I my readings are based on divine information channeled through the 7th Plane of Existence which are received energetically and telepathically through my various psychic senses (sight, hearing, clear knowing, clear feeling) to provide you with a information about various aspects of your life that you seek clarification on pertaining to the present and future.
Because Future Readings are based on the current energies at the time of the reading, our Free Will to continue along the course we are expected to move along or to alter the direction of our choices can alter the outcome of certain situations and therefore a Future Reading may provide helpful insight as to which direction one may want to take when at as crossroads. Future readings can also be used to provide much needed clarification and insight to various situations, difficulties, and aspects in our lives we need guidance and clarity on.

30 Minutes – $125

45 Minutes- $175

60 Minutes- $225

Past Life Reading:

Before coming into this physical body for this physical lifetime our soul has had numerous incarnations and “past lives” and thus, over time collected “soul contracts,” contracts with other souls, along the way. The feeling of “knowing” and “familiarity” to a complete stranger, or even the sensation of déjà vu can be related to a past life or soul contract shared with an individual or experiencing something that is a trigger to a memory stored in our Historical “past life” level.
Oftentimes relationship issues with others, things that we excel at, our interests and passions, relationships we cannot seem to leave despite knowing they do not serve our highest and best, and seemingly unreasonable fears are actually rooted in programs and past life soul contracts that remain active in our energetic or morphogenic field pertaining to past life experiences, unresolved soul contracts, and so on.
By understanding the past of who we have been in our most significant past lives or in past lifetimes where there were issues left unresolved can provide insight and clarity on where healing should be directed to allow us to move forward and close patterns we no longer wish to continue reliving. At times a past life reading to reveal the unresolved “karmic debt” in a relationship can provide us the clarity and understanding needed to receive closure and move on from a situation that does not serve us in the highest and best way, and sometimes it is just entertaining to gain an understanding of and gain insight to the travels of the soul throughout time and how it contributes to our evolution and growth and has helped shaped who we are today.

30 Minutes- $125

45 Minutes- $175

60 Minutes- $225

Mediumship Reading:

Mediumship readings are specifically for connecting to a loved one who has transitioned from their physical bodies into the spirit realm. During a Mediumship reading you will be allowed to ask questions to your loved one(s) who have passed on, receive personal messages, and or guidance they may have for you through my serving as the medium to mediate the communication. Mediumship readings can be very emotional yet are known to provide a great deal of closure and comfort. Because our beloveds who have passed on still retain their personalities and if there were certain things they may not have preferred to discuss or held discretion regarding during their physical lifetime they may choose to continue to do so still in their spirit state and just as we cannot force anyone to do anything we must be willing to respect this.
Please note that given the emotional state of intense guilt immediately following a loved ones has transitioning it is often recommended to my clients to allow a minimum of one month prior to booking a Mediumship reading though there are exceptions in which readings within a week and half of transitioning may be allowed.

 30 Minutes- $175

60 Minutes- $300

Animal Readings:

Pet Mediumship/Animal Communication Reading

Our pets are beloveds and a significant part of our families and lives and the loss of a pet can be equally as impactful as losing a friend or family member. Oftentimes pet owners can find themselves with unresolved issues or needing closure surrounding the transitioning of their pet, and particularly so in cases where the difficult decision to put a pet to sleep was chosen. In households where there are multiple pets the loss of a pet causes sadness, trauma, and confusion for the other pets remaining in the household as well, which can add another level of difficulty. Pet Mediumship readings can allow owners to receive the answers needed to grant them closure as well as an understanding of how to help the remaining pets adjust based on insight provided during the reading.
Animal Communication and Pet Mediumship readings are also be helpful for living pets struggling with behavioral issues or rescue animals suffering from anxiety, depression, or issues related to past trauma. (See Animals ThetaHealing® on the ThetaHealing® Technique page under Services)

30 Minutes- $150

60 Minutes- $275


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