Intuitive Counseling & Psychic Readings

“Working with Carla feels like you are meeting a friend who really understands who you are. Her positive energy and authenticity, and glow instantly heals you at a vibrational level. She’s like the Universe with wings in a person and gives you a clear guide on how to achieve your highest potential. I love how practical her guidance is and she does a Master level job of connecting spirituality with the physical to produce a new reality. I was nervous and had never done any intuitive healing however that’s the beauty of it – it’s both intuitive to her and intuitive to you. This is coaching at the highest level and on levels. We have trainers for our physical bodies – Carla is the coach and trainer that connects the two. Thank you, Carla for sharing your glow, story, and gifts and coaching us all to the highest goddess-like potential within ourselves!”

Jasmyne Teoma

Intuitive Counseling & Psychic Readings

“Carla’s intuitive counseling is unlike any reading I’ve ever done before: she starts off by asking you to provide questions to anything you want to ask and then begins working away and typing. (Make sure to provide detailed questions!) Then, she explains in great detail the holistic story of where she sees you in your journey through life. Not only did she answer every question thoroughly, her positive spirit and friendly demeanor really makes you feel unjudged, and acts as a friend with higher knowledge just trying to help you out. I don’t think I’ve had a psychic reading where I felt she truly understood you as a person. I came to her during a time in my life where I felt stuck, and she not only gave me sound advice, but also helped me work on clearing any karmic relationships I had so I could move forward. I am excited to work for her in the future and cannot recommend her enough. Thank you, Carla!”

Grace Wang

Austin, TX

Intuitive Counseling & Thetahealing

“When I connected with Carla, I had never done something like this before. It was definitely a little outside my norm so I was a little hesitant. Carla instantly put that to rest. From the first hello, it was like talking to a friend I had known forever!
Carla is a true expert in her field. She was so knowledgeable and thorough in helping me understand the process. Not only was she elaborate in what we were doing, but extremely thorough in explaining why we were doing what we did during the session. She is an A+ guide and communicator.
After our session had ended, I already felt so much lighter and clearer. It felt like a wave of relief I hadn’t felt in a long time. It was a 75 minute session and honestly it could have went way longer because like I said it felt like talking to a life-long friend!
I would suggest anyone thinking about working with Carla to DO IT. You definitely will not regret it, as I know you will not find anyone better than her out there. I’m already very excited to book my next session with her! Thanks again Carla!”


Las Vegas, NV

Psychic Readings & Intuitive Counseling

“Carla gave me exactly what I was looking for! I came to carla for some guidance, clarification, and some healing, and I felt like she knew exactly what I needed. Carla said things that made complete sense to me; things i didn’t even quite mention to her. this only continued to validate her work with the divine and her talent. I’ve had many other readings before with other psychic/Mediums but i was drawn to how carla communicated her messages and she didn’t disappoint. i’d definitely recommend her for any guidance or healing that you need!”

Sasha Lee

Cleveland, Ohio


“Thanks again for the session the other day. As you know I have been doing my own spiritual and intuitive work for myself until reaching this blockage and reaching out, and I definitely had some great breakthroughs in the day after our session!”

Soze Dibassi

New York, NY


“If I had to describe Carla in one word, that word would be grand.  Her entrance is grand, her presence is grand, her energy is grand, her healing is grand, yet her approach is gentle, it’s compassionate, and it’s extremely informative. 

I have never heard of Thetahealing, nor did I know what the results would be, but what I do know is that my life hasn’t been the same since I met Carla.

The way Carla communicates with the higher being (the creator) is mesmerizing.  If you can break from the trance of meditation to watch her channel the messages she’s receiving, it’ll be one of the most phenomenal experiences you’ll ever witness in your life.

I didn’t want to believe her that my life would improve after clearing up issues she discovered during my session, however, the events that have transpired since meeting her are leaving me to believe otherwise.

Within a short period of time (less than 30 days) I have been able to find peace and closure on a badly ended relationship from 10 years ago, I have manifested the exact car that I’ve wanted since 2011, and I sense an amazing level of protection from negative thoughts and energy that I battled during the majority of this past year.  My energy awareness and believe in manifestation is so heightened that I am eager to continue my healing sessions with her just to see what else I can accomplish on my vision board.

I’ve met a lot of self-proclaimed, self-serving psychics and spiritual healers in my lifetime, and I can assure you that Carla is not one of those people.  She doesn’t need to proclaim being a healer at all, the work she does and the people she’s helped (myself being one of them) can proclaim that for her.  Whatever her gift is, it is special, it is unique, and she selflessly shares it with the world.  If you are looking to have a spiritual experience that will change your life (for the better) do yourself the favor and meet Carla.  She’s the best.”

Lawrence Carroll

West Hollywood, CA

Entity Attachment Removal

“Recently I was referred to Carla by a friend after expressing some concern for several family members I felt were being psychically attacked, things were getting so bad they were also being physically attacked. After the clearing was performed Carla spoke with me, sent the notes taken during the clearing and patiently answered all of my questions. I’ve been wanting to work with Carla for some time and I am so glad I finally got the chance, I just wish I hadn’t waited so long. Her work speaks for itself, in my case my family members were cleared of countless attachments and have felt so much lighter, have had less anxiety, better sleep, and just an overall a sense of positivity. Thank you, Carla for sharing your gift with my family and helping others the way you do.”

Suzann Angel

Henderson, NV

Entity Attachment Removal & Thetahealing

“Thank you again for all that you’ve done for us. I’m honestly trippin’ out that our daughter Amber hasn’t had ANY nightmares or fear of going to sleep since we met with you. Hope to connect with you again soon!”

M. Vallejo

Palo Alto, CA

Intuitive Counseling & Thetahealing

“I just wanted to say that your healing helped and triggered so much so fast. The part in our session where you had seen something really dark and deep that had to do with not forgetting about my childhood – you called it. I am going through it right now and did not see it coming, but I wanted you to know that your words and that moment you had told me a few months ago instantly popped up when I realized what is happening, and it honestly provided me the strength and reasoning to navigate it. I am very grateful for your healing and readings and this is a testimony of your healing. Thank you.”

James Ignacio

Las Vegas, NV

Intuitive Counseling

“Thank you so very much again for offering your time and energy towards helping me heal and evolve. I started to really connect to the intention of having a great relationship, career in real estate as well as financial freedom that helps me create opportunity as well as give back to others. I appreciate you so much both as somebody I can confide in, a friend as well as a guide.”


Pacific Palisades, CA

Psychic Readings

“Thank you so much for your reading, Carla! I really appreciate you taking the time, helping me gain clarity and understanding and for making me feel at ease.”

Priscilla Nguyen

San Francisco, CA

Intuitive Counseling & Thetahealing

“Carla, I don’t know what to say about your healing of my family. From my girlfriend to my Mom, I am just so grateful for you. It is more than just help you provide, it is your yes to being a vessel which allows us access in to the clarity of the soul. This is why I see you as a mentor. I really don’t know how to be the student, I just know that you being you is empowering and inspirational. Thank you.”

Steve B

Providence, RI

Intuitive Counseling & Thetahealing

“I started at a new job last week! I still can’t believe how perfectly everything aligned. I was sooo ready to leave my old job and really needed to trust that all the clearings would help me be able to move on. I already feel new energy in this new role and know that I will be expanded in many different ways here. As I have been going through these life changes, I’ve really looked to my guides to help support me and keep me present. We also think of your guidance and assistance often & hope this email finds you well!”

Phouala Vang


Mediumship Reading

“I met Carla for the first time today for a mediumship reading for my brother who passed away a little over a year ago. She was very kind, approachable, BEAUTIFUL, nurturing, and I just felt very safe being with her. I believe that our meeting was not a coincidence and the connection we made during our session felt very strong and I was so happy and grateful to have Carla be the bridge that connected me and my brother. It was quite an experience and I appreciated every moment of it. My mother cried when I shared the messages Carla had received from my brother during the reading as they resonated deeply. Thank you Carla and I have already ordered the book you recommended!”

Jake Alvarez

San Diego, CA

Intuitive Counseling

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for everything you have helped me with so far! I got another Reiki Attunement with my wife this weekend. It was very intense, in a good way. The woman who did our attunement told me very similar things you did in our last session. Well, actually, the same things that you had said about my past life and family stuff. Things are starting to make more sense as I cannot hold back from my healer path any longer. I feel this is going to shoot me forward on this journey and I wanted to thank you for your help and guidance. It has meant a lot to me to have people I can talk to and work through this with and trust. Thank you.”

Jeremy Page

Newark, NJ

Psychic Readings & Thetahealing

“As you mentioned in our recent session and reading I am now starting a new job! I recently took an offer at a start-up as Director of Marketing Strategy, as in full-time! And this is in direct relation to the last session I did on Thetahealing around career blockages and manifesting new opportunities, I was like OMG.”

Daniel Degene

Hollywood, CA


“As a Thetahealer, I have worked with many different types of Thetahealers, as well as instructors, and I can confidently say that I’ve never worked with anyone as effective and connected to Creator as Carla. The soul contract and entity attachment work that Carla specializes in is not written in any textbook, and I’m so very grateful that my soul has had the opportunity to heal, learn, and grow from Carla on so many levels. Carla’s energy work on me, as well as my pets, has given me an expanded view on the interconnected nature of all beings, both physical and non-physical, as well as what my soul was intending to accomplish in this lifetime. While others could easily have been secretive or selfish with the knowledge that has been channeled to Carla, I have been humbled and astounded at how generous Carla has been in sharing her learnings with me, to mentor me into the healed soul (and healer for others) that I am today. I have been witness to Carla’s resilience and work ethic with regards to how she has overcome challenges in her own healing, and I marvel at the strength, determination, and compassion which she brings to her work on both herself and others. Her integrity and intuition is unmatched, and she always checks her ego at the door when it comes to Creator’s work. And because I know you never hear it, Carla, I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for the sacrifices I know you’ve made for the sake of the collectives on this planet. You are a true inspiration. :)”

Kim P.

Studio City, CA

Psychic Readings

“Thank you so much, Carla. We always have more clarity and hope after speaking with you :). We are already looking forward to our next chat together.”

Pa & Nick

Saint Paul, MN

Intuitive Counseling

“ First and foremost, I am grateful we had a session and I appreciate that you made the time to speak with me. With our session it opened a lot of things up for me by providing a perspective that I did not see at the time of our conversation. The biggest advice/lesson from our conversation that guided me through my struggles was to not worry about how or when but more so on the goals prior to getting to my destination. I took that to heart and no joke, it made me appreciate everything that happened to me good or bad. There were a few step-backs but I think that was God’s way of telling me I needed the extra time for closure, peace, and to be grateful for certain things/ people I overlooked because I was so fixated on a timeline. I needed to hear all the things from our talk to have been able to move forward.

During these past few months, the most satisfying thing was getting to know myself again. There were a lot of things I needed to re-learn about myself and appreciate. This process made me revisit my values and let go of the values that no longer served its purpose to my current life. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and to trust that if it’s meant to be, it will happen. For a moment I forgot that but with your help I was able to trust that process again.

Carla, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance! I am looking forward to working with you in the future and to seeing what is in store for me. I know you will continue to impact others in a positive way.”

Christine Yang

San Diego, CA

Psychic Readings

“I just wanted to thank you again for your guidance! With your session and the notes, I know where to focus for self-improvement and supporting others, as well as where to let go 🙂 It is freeing.”

Jackie Tran

Charleston, NC

Thetahealing & Entity Attachment Removal

“I reached out to Carla because I noticed that my 16 year old daughter had been struggling for some time with anxiety and depression. She had nightmares often and was tired most of the time. She was at a point where she didn’t even want to go to school anymore because the anxiety had gotten so bad. I knew something was not right energetically with her, and after taking her to her doctor they had no answers so I knew I needed to take a different approach. 

Carla did a full theta healing energy clearing on her, and since my daughter has anxiety she didn’t even have to be present which she really appreciated. She gave us so many answers to what had been going on and I can’t begin to say how thankful I am to have found her. 
My daughter’s nightmares vanished, she no longer was struggling in school in fact she began to show up to school early. Negative people that were affecting her suddenly just distanced themselves from her and she has begun to find peace. As a parent I am forever grateful for you Carla, you are an Angel.”

Amaya’s Mom

Albuquerque, NM

Intuitive Counseling

“Thank you so much for the information, healing, and protection. I really appreciate all of the work you have done for all of us.”

Max R.

San Francisco, CA


“Hi Carla, thank you again so much! The Thetahealing session created a very drastic change in my world environment in literally 24 hours since working with you! I know that sounds crazy, but to you it doesn’t because obviously you work it!.”

William Richardson

Long Beach, CA

Psychic Readings

“ About 3 years ago, I received a reading from Carla.  She had let me know that the person I was in a relationship with at that time was not the one for me as I was contemplating applying for a job in Orange County.  She made such clear statements about how I felt stating that I felt happy maybe about 70% of the time at most and that in the long run, he was not the right person for me.  Carla had stated that I would find not only my soul mate, but my divine partner once I started a new job.  I am a nurse and she stated that she saw my soulmate at the hospital a lot wearing a mask.  At that time, I assumed it was a doctor I was going to eventually meet at the hospital.

Well, fast forward to 2016, I ended up leaving my relationship at that time.  I accepted a new job which moved me from Los Angeles to Orange County and I ended up rekindling with someone I had dated prior; he was not a doctor, but he was always in the hospital wearing a mask due to his son being sick.  A year later we were engaged and now married! 

Now I completely understand everything Carla had said.  She was so definitive on how my husband now is not only my soul mate, but my divine partner and our energies are so passionate and well balanced for each other.  All the little details she said 3 years ago have come to completion to this day now.  She is my definitive source for those looking for divine guidance.”

A. Brazao

Irvine, CA

Thetahealing & Entity Attachment Removal

“Thank you, Carla! The best feeling in the world is serving someone in need. Your energy is special and you are a breathtaking human outside and inside. “

Jesse Vasquez

New Orleans, LA


“Omg !!! I don’t even know where to start .. First of all, let me tell you she truly has a beautiful gift !! She’s able to tell you things and connect with your energy to see where you’re hurting and what the universe is trying to tell u so she can work Her magic. I really think God Sent her to me on my birthday as a gift to help me make this a better and lighter year . She truly healed my soul and took away all the bad energies that i couldn’t do alone she’s truly a healer and I’m forever grateful and will continue to tell People about her and how she turned my life around for the better I would recommend her to Any and Everybody !! She will Heal your soul I swear!!! She was an angel to me in this lifetime Its truly a feeling I can’t explain u just have to feel it on your own she’s an amazing beautiful person inside and out and truly has a gift from heaven !! Thank u for everything u did for me.”

Becca Negar

Culver City, CA

Mediumship Reading

“I would recommend her to anyone looking to connect with the spirits from beyond. As a fellow energy healer and peer I trust Carla’s guidance and input. Thank you. Carla for helping me find peace and closure!!! I count on you as one of my cosmic soul sisters!!”

Nicole B.

Pasadena, CA


“Thank you Carla! The Thetahealing session already has me feeling lighter and happier, giddy even! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. Deeply grateful for you.”

Mahogani M

La Mirada, CA

Animal Communication & Animal Thetahealing

“Carla’s Thetahealing has helped Brodie and I in so many ways. My dog Brodie needed Thetahealing and without Carla, I honestly believe he would never have been able to be his complete, happy self. The Thetahealing session did so much for his well-being, including his behavior, anxieties, and the simple act of sleep. I feel so much better knowing my pet feels better physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Brodie can now live life without worry. Carla has continued to help me grow, and now, helping Brodie, she has once again surpassed the level of greatness I felt and saw in her. I will forever be truly grateful for the love and compassion she has for both people and pets.”

S. Urenda

Albuquerue, NM

Entity Attachment Removal, Thetahealing

“More heavy duty lifting and clearing work done by the amazing Carla!  During a reiki session with a different healer, I learned that I had actually gained a lot of entity attachments through a previous significant other (and some poor choices) to allow them in.  I had not been feeling like myself, and so, when I went in to get some reiki done, the woman doing my reiki could not clear all of my attachments.  Thus, why I went to Carla for the heavier/harder attachments and releasing of negative energy.  The day after Carla had completed my healing, I felt lighter, happier, and much more energetic.  You never realize just how drained your attachments can make you feel, from sucking out your energy all the time, until they’re gone!  My mind and thoughts were clear and I felt like myself again!

Carla is really just the best for doing clearing work.  There has never been any work or healing that I needed that Carla could not do, she is such a kind, patient, and understanding soul.”

Erika James

Honolulu, HI

Intuitive Counseling

“Thank you very much for your help and support. You have been very encouraging and I am grateful for guiding me on this journey of healing.”

D. Pai



“It is hard to find a place to begin with the amount of gratitude I have towards you. You have opened doors of happiness, compassion, greatness, love, and spirituality inside of me that I struggled to find without you. This testimonial does not even BEGIN to show enough thanks to you and your wonderful gifts. You are a blessing. Anyone who comes in contact with you is fortunate. Your beauty covers every aspect inspiring to me. Again, if I knew all and every beautiful word in the dictionary they still wouldn’t be enough to tell you how great you are and how grateful I am. You have helped me, my close friends, and my pet. Your love is contagious. Thank you.”

Sherlyn Chavez

Mesa, AZ

Intuitive Counseling & Psychic Development

“I want to express just how grateful I am for finding Carla. As a new energy worker myself  I had some issues come up for me that I didn’t understand, and thankfully Carla was there to help guide me though what was happening. She helped me clear away things that were not for my highest good and that were blocking me from achieving my highest potential. She put my mind at ease by explaining what exactly was transpiring at the time.  I knew right away from the very beginning that I could trust her as her energy is very soothing and she radiates so much love. 
During the session I felt so relaxed and immediately after felt so peaceful and centered. The days and weeks following she called to make sure I was okay and answered any questions I had. 
The more time that passes I feel like I’m getting so many answers to what had been coming up for me for so long and more of an understanding of how to deal with some of my gifts. If you are struggling with certain things in your life that just don’t feel right, listen to your intuition and reach out to Carla she’s so gifted and I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with her.”

Angela N.

Santa Fe, NM

Thetahealing & Intuitive Counseling

“Thank you so much for today’s session. You have no idea what a relief it is knowing there is an end to the stagnancy and BLEH that I’ve been feeling. For the first time in a long while, I feel hopeful! You are truly a blessing.”

J Tsukamoto

Dallas, TX

Psychic Readings & Intuitive Counseling

“I reached out to Carla after listening to the episode where she was featured on AsianBossGirl and was really drawn in by her energy. I was feeling lost in my life and was searching for external guidance. I felt a bit skeptical about virtual readings but when I saw Carla, I immediately felt much more grounded. Carla gave me a lot of insight into what I have been struggling, the reason behind it, and also helped me release what no longer serves me. I felt so peaceful afterwards and would definitely recommend Carla for readings and healing – she is truly amazing!”



Intuitive Counseling & Thetahealing

“Over the past several months I have had several Intuitive counseling sessions with Carla. Her presence is so calming and she truly has a gift. I was looking for some guidance and clarification and she gave me such direct and clear advice. These past months I have also been going through my journey of healing and it was just what I needed in terms of giving me insight into this process and gave me the boost and encouragement I needed to continue this process (even though it’s uncomfortable!). I appreciate how non-judgmental she is and her communication style (e.g. asking for permission to move any blockages she may have sensed). I recommend connecting with Carla if you’re in the need for any guidance, healing, or insight into things that may be holding you back from your personal and spiritual growth – and definitely will be getting in touch with Carla again for ThetaHealing or another intuitive counseling session in the future!”

Tori Chan


Intuitive Counseling

“I love this girl. True beauty inside and out. Honest and real, gifted, humble. A real gem. Carla, you rock woman, your words and energy are GOLD. Thank you for your sharing your healing with the world and for being a guiding light, keep on shining!”

R. Weisenberg

Beverly Hills, CA


“After what seemed like the worst turn of events in my life, Carla was divinely sent to deliver healing and to assist me on my spiritual path. I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for our initial session I would have been trapped in the heartache of a bad breakup and held back from accelerating as a healer by negative entities attached to me. With Reiki, crystals & ThetaHealing I moved forward with much clarity and self-love along with incredibly helpful information to steer me into completing the Reiki Master level. Through this last year I have had 2 phone sessions to continue the healing as well as fine tune my career path. Each has made radical shifts! Just days ago I was fortunate to schedule an in-person session while visiting in Los Angeles and it was out-of-this-world spectacular! Like an onion, she peeled away layers with ThetaHealing clearing blocks and all sorts of junk. I left feeling like a new woman. Over the course of the next few weeks I look forward to integrating as my DNA has been activated, then to following up with the next layers to peel. I cannot thank her enough for being the light in my life and being such a beautiful soul & spirit. Thank you, Creator for crossing our paths in past lives, this life, and surly future lives! Carla, keep rockin’ on girl. You are simply wonderful and doing exactly what you are called to do! Love you!”

Monej Cruz

Las Vegas, NV

Thetahealing & Psychic Readings

“I’m truly blown away myself, thank you deeply! You are amazing and I am so very grateful for everything you have gifted through your healings, your love, care, support, insight, and guidance. You have made such an impact for me and as well our relationship.”

Niki Volk


Thetahealing & Entity Attachment Removal

“Lately my family has been undergoing an intense amount of struggles that I attributed to “that’s just life” but things have been so bizarre I had a friend refer me to Carla. I got the opportunity to work with Carla a few days ago to see if I could get some answers. She took some time to evaluate the situation and even with her busy schedule took me on short notice due to the urgency of my family’s situation. Carla did a great job helping my family overcome this difficult time by clearing them of so many some dark and heavy attachments. The work that was done significantly changed my outlook and many of my family members. We are all so grateful for Carla’s work as our situation has proved to drastically improve. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jeffrey A.

Summerlin, NV

Intuitive Counseling & Psychic Readings

“After meeting with Carla today, I felt an overwhelming sensation of relief that I have never felt before. This session was everything I needed. Now I truly feel I can continue my path to healing. I’m so grateful for Carla’s guidance and clarification. She genuinely wants the best for people. I know my journey is a long one, but I feel more optimistic about my future. Thank you so much Carla for all that you do!”

April Lee

Boston, Massachusetts


“As someone who is new to the world of theta healing, I was taken aback by Carla’s undeniable knowledge and mastery in the discipline. In fact, she even has her own unique system that can only be utilized through her at this point in time. My observations and experiences with Carla’s work can be summed up in the following:

1. she cares. The level of commitment and sincere compassion/dedication to her client’s highest and best interest is irrefutable. She works night and day to ensure her client’s are served at the highest level; all while keeping detailed and concise documentation of her sessions.

2. She will uncover blocks for you that you didn’t know existed. A core concept of theta healing is removing trauma and karma from past lives that our souls have carried into this lifetime. Not only can she do this; she can do it swiftly and permanently. 

3. She will help you to reach your full potential in life. By removing these blocks, we are able to move on and carry out our soul’s mission in this lifetime. 

If anyone is experiencing blocks, fears, anxieties, etc. that they simply cannot explain; that they have tried multiple means of addressing with no success, I would encourage you strongly to book a session with Carla. You have nothing to lose except that which does not serve you.”

Nate Thibeault

Huntington Beach, CA

Psychic Readings & Thetahealing

“To give you an update I was selected as a finalist and the whole selection process starts on Sunday, as you said it would all play out in the reading – and I left yesterday to prepare. I feel amazing and I am so excited, obviously a little nervous but overwhelmed with joy. Thank you for the clearings on blockages to be selected and confidence!”

J. Lam

Las Vegas, NV


“My perspective has changed and I feel so “free” from the clearings you did the last time we spoke. I appreciate you so much. Thank you so much for your insight, you are an angel and truly changed the quality of my life.”

Nicole Ono

Lanai, HI

Thetahealing & Psychic Development

“All I can say is DIVINE TIMING! I believe we all have a journey tailed to each of us and on that path, people and situations are placed for lessons that maybe we may not recognize at the time, but somehow is vital to our soul’s expansion. Carla, is one of those people. I first met her as a friend in 2009 and never knew that later in life she would be a blessing to my personal growth. I just recently reconnected with her after finding out from mutual friends she has incredible gifts that helped guide them on their journey, and somehow had an urge to reach out for her guidance as well. Luckily I did at the right time! Now I’m blessed to say she’s helping guide me to the bliss I have been searching for. She’s given me clarity and knowledge far beyond what I expected (only after a few sessions) and her connection to Creator is remarkable. She’s completely in tuned to know what serves your energy and what does not. I truly recommend working with Carla because of her genuine compassion and love for what she does, which exudes towards her work with her clients. When you’re ready to finally have a true commitment with yourself and Creator to live your life to its fullest potential and to achieve higher consciousness, then let Carla be the conduit to that enlightenment.”

Carla L.

Las Vegas, NV

Psychic Readings & Intuitive Counseling

“Thank you times a million! I have always heard about all of your amazing capabilities and knew one day I would want to connect with you. I do not often feel compelled to get readings and energy work, but I knew as of 2 days ago that this was EXACTLY what I needed in this moment. I already feel so much better and I am super grateful. Sending love and I am sure I will be in touch again one day soon when it is meant to be. ”

Danielle Kirkpatrick

Reno, NV

Intuitive Counseling & Thetahealing

“Just wanted to give you an update, I got my Reiki 1 attunement as you suggested and I love this new gift! I have met many new wonderful people. Also, just as we discussed about detaching from toxic people and lineage cords I am no longer at Elevate and have now begun a new job, a lot has happenned! Thank you for guiding me, you have been so inspiring throughout this journey ”

Nick P.

Albuquerque, NM

Thetahealing & Psychic Readings

“THANK YOU HEAVEN, EARTH, UNIVERSE, and YOU!! I have to say 8 weeks from our session lands on Monday, 3/29 but career movement has manifested like you predicted ahead of schedule. Tears of joy the chains of blockages have been broken!!”

T Nguyen

San Jose, CA


“Carla is a truly gifted and beautiful soul with incredible compassion and love. Through my Thetahealing sessions and readings with Carla, she has brought me so much clarity, peace, and positive change into my life. Carla has cleared so many blocks and negative energy, some of which I was unaware of. I feel like a renewed person…lighter, happier, and balanced. I look forward to working with her again soon in my personal growth and spiritual journey. Thank you with all my heart for your sharing your amazing gift and beautiful spirit.”

Lisa Pham

Los Angeles, CA

Psychic Readings

“Carla is my go-to when I need clarity or am at a crossroads. Her genuine and sweet spirit are always welcoming and I know I can come to her about anything free of judgment. The insight she brings has helped me to find comfort and clarity during some of the most challenging times I have had. I have consulted her for personal matters as well as business and she never fails to provide me with accurate, insightful information when needed the most. Thank you Carla for all that you are!”

Carmen G.

Manhattan, NY

Intuitive Counseling

“I have been working with Carla for a year and a half now and it has been a wonderful experience. She provides a lot of insight and wisdom and also brings about so much clarity to different issues. Carla is just overall a very warm and amazing person and a highly effective healer and I definitely recommend seeking her out for guidance!”

Lily Tang

Taipei, Taiwan

Psychic Readings

“Here’s an update! You were right, my ex-husband is now pushing for our lawyers to settle everything out of court versus go to trial due to financial things you suggested I have my attorney look into. I have just gotten word that his lawyer has continued our hearing until tomorrow and he is now trying to get out of having to ever set foot in a courtroom. So you were right on picking up with exactly what course of action to take and even about the 3 more months thing. Thank you for your help and guidance!”

V. Bell

Palos Verdes, CA

Intuitive Counseling

“I am so grateful and happy that we met. Thank you for always being so thoughtful, sweet, and non-judgmental in every session. I am grateful for the beautiful soul that you are and the guidance you provide.”

Kam Lee

Westwood, CA

Lost Pet Reading, Thetahealing

“After 2 months of being lost Tabitha is home! I managed to trap her last night in the location you mentioned in the reading and brought her home a few hours ago with the assistance of a man that had seen one of the flyers I distributed in the neighborhood vicinity you mapped out. We are both resting together and feel very much at peace. Thank you for all your help Carla.”

Eamonn L.

Seattle, WA

Thetahealing & Intuitive Counseling

“So proud of how far you’ve come, I would say how far we’ve both come, but you are a major reason I have come so far, and your past is pretty much the only reason I even listened to you or worked with you, real talk. How can anyone help heal others if they’ve never lived or been through the real deal shit life hands some of us? You are my real #WCE and the only person on this Earth I trust with ANYTHING. How spiritually connected you are with God, how pure your morals and intentions are and the purity of your heart that wants to help and heal everyone because of the pain you yourself went through. You are proof that there are no excuses to not overcome what you have been dealt.”

Nicole K.

El Segundo, CA

Intuitive Counseling

“A billion thank you’s and infinite gratitude. Been thinking about you a lot and so grateful for all that you are and all that you do. I really miss you and want to schedule some time with you for some healing, following up on our last readings (earlier this year that has completely transformed my life), and to just spend time in your grace. Thank you for helping me through a lot of stuff!! Marvelous healing sessions always!!

Gina Trang

Palo Alto, CA

Psychic Readings

“Thank you again! I was so happy to connect with you and very much enjoyed my reading. You have a beautiful gift and you are such a beautiful person. I look forward to coming back for another session in the future.”

Ashley Aspres

Alloway, NJ

Intuitive Counseling & Thetahealing

“Hi Carla, thank you so much, yesterday was so much work and a really great session and many realizations, but I’m so grateful for everyone who will be helping me I want to evolve into a place that’s not based on fear. I know I am on the path to a calmer better confident version of myself. I realize I ask a lot of questions but I come a place of curiosity and the desire to grow, so thank you for your patience. I know now that I just gotta be patient and learn to just trust and know things will be answered in divine time. I’m grateful for the work you do and thank you always for being patient with me and being a good soul.”

Ching Yeung

Rochester, NY

Lost Pet Reading & Animal Communication Reading

“I highly recommend Carla, a most excellent pet medium!  And for the record, I never consult psychics – Harry, my kitty chose Carla to be his messenger.  The day before I talked to Carla, and perhaps the same day he sent his message to her, I did ask out loud for Divine Intervention. 

Turns out my friend who lives in Los Angeles is friends with Carla and showed her photos Harry about a month ago.  Then a few days ago, Harry contacts her in psychic space!  (She said that she usually is the one who initiates contact with pets, but this time harry did) and she knew exactly who he was!

Carla described the exact area he was in and circled on a map where to go, she even described a reddish brown Adobe home overlooking a large field and an abandoned truck that would be the area he would be found.  The next day I went out searching and knocked on everyone’s door and gave them flyers in the area Carla had received from Harry.  (It was a dead-end street west of my house that I never existed the whole time I lived there).  The next day a lady who I had talked to the day before and given a poster, called me saying she could see him in the field next to their house, sitting on an abandoned truck!!!  So I ran over there, and it was the Adobe home Carla had describe and there was Harry, and he is exactly as he was the day he disappeared almost 2 months ago, except skinner and a few “dreads” on his back legs.”

Connie Fisher

Tuscon, AZ

Entity Attachment Removal

“I am feeling more like myself again without these attachments and negative energies. It is a great thing that all of these energies are passing and I can once again see very clearly again and know what they are and what is not my own. Thank you.”

Adelino R

Marbella, Spain


“I was referred to Carla by another mutual healing friend during a time that I was navigating through some life changes and blockages that I was having difficulty with working through on my own. Carla was able to create noticeable shifts and release for me within just a couple sessions and I am very grateful for her skills and knowledge in energy work to assist other healers like myself. Her approach to healing is one that is both educational and effective and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing spiritual guidance, assistance, and energy work of all forms.”

Lucia Sparks

Melbourne, Australia


“I want to say thank you for doing the work that you do . I felt light , peaceful and had more clarity at the end of our session and look forward to continuing the healing work needed to get back to my whole self. Sending you love and light. Until next time.”

Missy J


“I wanted to let you know that I appreciated the insight into what I can do around my love life in regards to self-work. I’ve been doing a lot of healing in the past few years but putting off a few key issues that you brought up during the reading. It felt like the nudge I needed to get back into therapy and other work that I’ve been thinking about but haven’t put into action. Thank you for that <3."

Lynn C


“Thank you for our session yesterday! Thanks to you and your guidance these past few years, my heart feels lighter, my thoughts more clear, and my spirit more confident. You have been so kind and your energy so calming in each session–my life has definitely improved ever since I’ve met you. I look forward to what 2023 will bring and wish you a wonderful new year :).”

Jenny T


“Hi Carla! I wanted to reach out to give you a little update. I started at a new job last week! I still can’t believe how perfectly everything aligned. I was sooo ready to leave my old job and really needed to trust that all the clearings would help me be able to move on. I already feel new energy in this new role and know that I will be expanded in many different ways here.

As I have been going through these life changes, I’ve really looked to my guides to help support me and keep me present. We also think of your guidance and assistance often & hope this email finds you well!”

P. Oang


“I had my first virtual consultation with Carla yesterday. She was really patience when answering my questions. She was trying to explain to me the details and gave me some advice as well. She will provide the notes and the recording as well so that we could refer back to the discussion. I love her energy so much. Would recommend her to my friends and family.”

Sally W.


“I just wanted to thank you for your guidance last week. I am glad that I asked you the question about my partner and I did prepare myself for the worst case scenario between he and I after your reading. And I decided to end things with him because I felt long term compatibility would not work out between us. It was a tough decision at first but after many prayers and I decided it would be best to take this route. I am really excited for my next journey and of course I am looking forward to the next session with you next week!”

Jenna R


“I had my very first psychic reading with Carla, and I reached out to her for some guidance in my life and career. After my session with her, not only did I receive clarity on the path I needed to take, but also a sense of relief. She is definitely very talented at the work that she does, and I look forward to my future sessions with her!”

Diana V.

Los Angeles, CA


“Hi beautiful, I wanted to validate you were right about everything you said the other day in our reading, things transpired exactly as you said they would. I appreciate you for your guidance and honesty, even if the truth hurts. But what is most important is how you explain things to me so I understand , thank you.”

Issa Turner

New Orleans, LA


“When I reached out to Carla for a psychic reading and intuitive counseling, the intuitive counseling was a new experience for me so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Carla explained everything, took detailed notes, and helped explain everything along the way. I really appreciated her positivity and how it feels like you’re talking to a friend who is helping you live your best life. Carla has helped me work through things from my past, which helped me realize the importance of forgiveness for the self and others. I highly recommend Carla if you’re looking for someone to help be a guiding light. Thank you so much for all your help, Carla! “

Jessica C

Pasadena, CA


“Carla, I felt a lot better and I guess “uplifted” is the best way to put after our session. Guided fits too. Having such a positive experience was unique and encouraging. I’ll circle back soon hopefully we can make time for any work you deem necessary. I Definitely feel that I needed more time and I’m sorry I made our first meeting so short lol. Had I know it was going to be so positive I would have secure more time. Thanks again for picking me up today.”

G. Rodriguez

New York


“When I reached out to Carla for a psychic reading and intuitive counseling, the intuitive counseling was a new experience for me so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Carla explained everything, took detailed notes, and helped explain everything along the way. I really appreciated her positivity and how it feels like you’re talking to a friend who is helping you live your best life. Carla has helped me work through things from my past, which helped me realize the importance of forgiveness for the self and others. I highly recommend Carla if you’re looking for someone to help be a guiding light. Thank you so much for all your help, Carla!”

Jessica C

Sacramento, CA


“Hi Carla , thank you for the reading, you have helped me beyond words just from this one reading, thank you again.”

Jonathan R.

New York, NY


“Thank you so much, Carla! I am so grateful for your help. Between sessions with you, reading books, continuing yoga classes, and really learning what it means to love myself has helped so tremendously. There are still times where I can catch my old ways of thinking but will course correct once I notice it. I definitely do feel and see the changes in my outer reality as I work on my self empowerment! I’ll definitely reach back out once things at work develop further :).”

Priscilla Go

Seattle, WA


“It was so nice talking to you the other day. I really enjoyed your advice and I wanna let you know that you are helping me be more in tune with my emotions and giving me the strength to move on! Thank you so much for your great work :).”

Sammie Onode

Toronto, Canada


“Hi, Carla. Thank you for squeezing me in today and answering all my questions! I always feel a sense of relief and clarity after chatting with you. I am so grateful and appreciative of you and your gift! Take care.”

Shannon Hwang

Hayward, CA